Goal setting versus going with the flow


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It is often said that goal setting is very important in order to be successful. By having a clear goal, it is easier to visualize your outcome. One thing I find in people who lead a sustainable lifestyle is that we tend not to act strategically. We don’t set goals and plan like business people, partly because we are put off by the techniques of the business world. Some of us want to go with the flow.


Yes, not setting a goal and going with the flow can be the new way of doing things. Have you ever heard of Findhorn community in Scotland? It is well-known as an ecovillage. The way the community was managed in the initial stage was very unique. They didn’t follow the traditional approach of planning. Instead, they listened to messages which were channeled by one of its leaders. Therefore they always had to be spontaneous. Findhorn became one of the most successful ecovillages of all times. Sometimes by having doors open, you can better align yourself with the cosmic force.


So I don’t deny that approach. If you want to do that, please do so.


However, I have seen a lot of cases where people took that approach and didn’t go anywhere. You know they travel 200 miles to visit a Shinto shrine, and next week, they travel to another location to meet somebody who is not related to their business at all, all because their inner voice told them to do so. And you know what? They didn’t mean anything. They sounded significant in the beginning, but after taking action, they didn’t take them to the next level.


I said that utilizing synchronicity could advance your project in one of the posts before, but that isn’t always the case. It can advance it but it may not. You need to be careful when you deal with synchronicity.

How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project

How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project part 2


When you don’t have a clear goal and plan, you often lose track of your direction and you can easily be pushed around by so-called inner voices. Personally, I have seen more cases where people took the traditional approach getting their outcome. Maybe the world is still not ready for the new approach.


You know about Yin and Yang, don’t you? It is a concept in Taoism, and everything in the universe is divided into those two opposite elements. They are neither good nor bad, but just different elements, and we need both of them. If we are pulled toward either side too much, it becomes bad, but if we keep the balance of the two, it becomes good. Going with the flow is Yin, and sticking to the plan is Yang. I think keeping the balance of going with the flow and acting with the plan is the key to succeeding in the new era.


P.S. This time, I chose the picture of a swan on purpose.


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Do you want to be successful and still go to heaven?

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I don’t know how to use this wordpress well. I wanted to create the menu or navigation for my posts, but don’t know how, so I’ll just put it here.

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How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project

How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project part 2

Green tourism can be a business of 3 way satisfaction

Jerusalem artichoke is a symbol of prosperity

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Jerusalem artichoke is a symbol of prosperity

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I planted Jerusalem artichokes in my garden today. Jerusalem artichoke is famous as the vegetable used in Edgar Cayce’s therapy, and recently it is catching the eyes of many as a healthy vegetable.


I have once grown it and have witnessed how powerful it is. It grows like weeds. Its stalk is so hard that even a typhoon can’t knock it down.

キクイモ2 The last time I grew it, I used a regular organic farming method. This time I am going to grow it with a method of natural farming.


By observing how it grows, I can receive its thriving energy. Especially when it is grown naturally, it should contain the pure energy of soil.


Actually, I got these Jerusalem artichokes from a natural farmer called YUTAKA-MAN, which means a wealthy man.


So, why not?


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Green tourism can be a business of 3 way satisfaction

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I took part in a Satoyama cycling tour in our town with my son yesterday.


We started cycling at Hino tourist office on Omi-Hino-merchant street.


We cycled through beautiful little villages.


This kind of hut with mud walls is very common in Japanese countryside.


We had lunch at a farmer’s inn.


They served us some edible wild plants like mugworts and wild rocamboles. They were so delicious. Pickled radish and miso soup were excellent, too.


What is great about this tour is that you can enjoy everyday scenery of a rural village in Japan. When you go to Kyoto or other touristic towns, you are always surrounded by many tourists and you feel rushed, but here, you can take time and immerse yourself in a timeless moment.

Three reasons why Hino is more enjoyable than Kyoto



Omi-merchants have a philosophy of Sanpo-yoshi which means 3 way satisfaction. The business you conduct should be beneficial to the seller, the buyer, and the society in general. When I look at this Satoyama cycling tour, it is beneficial to the seller, in this case our town, because tourism brings in new revenues. It is beneficial to the buyer because it provides wonderful experiences to the tourists.  It is beneficial to the society in general because by helping the local economy of country towns, it will help increase the population of depopulated areas.




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How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project part 2

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I saw my friend Sam in Kyoto for the first time in 30 years. He retained his visage after all these years and showed facial expressions exactly the same as before. 30 years is a long time to cover in a half day’s conversation and there must have been a lot more things happened in both of our lives, but just from what we covered, it looked like we had gone through similar phases. Both of us have grown out of the phase we were in our 20s, but somehow retained the core value we had back then and expressing it in a more mature, or practical way.



It was great seeing him again. It reminded me of the time I was in England, which really is the foundation of my life after that. It was the time I encountered the spiritual movement and the green movement, which gave me insight to transform our lives both in personal and social levels. I have gone through several rounds in a spiral since then and somehow have come back to the base again. Meeting him reassured me what I was doing now was the right move.



There were two interesting things, too. One was that he used the word synchronicity in our conversation. The other was that he showed some pictures on his iPhone and one of them was a picture of a swan. You know I chose the photo of a swan as the cover photo of the previous post. I chose the photo without thinking because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to look for a new picture, I decided to use one of the few free pictures attached to this blog site.



I searched the meaning of swans now and one thing I found was that swans symbolize developing intuitive abilities. It might mean I can go ahead trusting my intuition. Another thing swans symbolize is balance. Balance is a key message in my new book. Well, the concept of Sanpo-yoshi, which means 3-way satisfaction, is very much about balance in business, yin and yang of goal setting is about balance in approaches, the way I interpret and practice the law of attraction is a balanced way, and everything else I talk about in the book has holistic nature which automatically contains the element of balance.



Sam is probably the most successful person I know now and he was already a great role model for me when I knew him. Well, the new book is about success and finding the right role model.



Sometimes you cannot get clear messages like these, but they might appear in very indirect ways as gods often work in mysterious ways. Just wait and see, you never know what might appear in a week or a month time. The important thing is to trust your synchronicity, and be sensitive to any small changes in the next few weeks to come. In order to be able to utilize messages from your unconscious mind to advance your project, first you need to form a good relationship with your unconscious mind. It starts from trusting it, and paying attention to it.

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How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project

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In the last few days, coincidental events have been occurring in my life. I have been getting mails or messages from several different friends I haven’t seen for about 30 years, all at the same time.


One was from a high school classmate who found my website after searching my name. He is organizing a reunion party and wanted to contact me. I have been completely out of touch with my high school classmates. The last time I saw them was a few years after our graduation and it was already 33 years ago.


Another friend was a flat mate in Brighton when I was living in England, he said he was visiting Japan this week. I haven’t seen him for about 30 years. We will get together this weekend.


The last one was a Japanese friend whom I met when I was in England 30 years ago, too. She said she was coming back to Japan in May and she might be able to visit me in Shiga this time.


Those three are not connected. They just happened to contact me this week for whatever the reasons they had.


It is interesting because they all represent one thing, to reconnect with the past, even though each person is from a different aspect of my life.


When events have a clear message as these, I regard them as synchronistic events, and they can often help us advance our lives toward the goals we set.


What I usually do is to respond to them. In this case, see them. Well, I am off to Kyoto now to see my friend from England. I will write the rest in the next post.

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