My First Talk on ZENWSP Went Well

I am sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a while. I’ve been very busy with the election.


I also gave a talk on ZENWSP for the first time yesterday.


Many people from Hino town and neighboring towns in Shiga came.


I think it went well. I think the people got the idea of what ZENWSP is about. They hadn’t gotten a chance to know about it since I only wrote the book in English.


I am going to give a talk in Tokyo on the 21st. (in Japanese)


I’ll be giving a short presentation at Pechakucha night in Kyoto on November 4th, as well, and this time I’ll be speaking in English.


It is a part of an event called Seeds of Sustainability.






Why Is Politics Part of ZENWSP?

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Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity is a philosophy to build a society where everyone can be free and happy.


Unfortunately, our present economic system doesn’t allow that to happen, and we need to change the system. The economic system is very much tied with politics, and we need to actively engage in politics as a citizen to change the situation.


ZENWSP is a philosophy to help you become successful, and the true success doesn’t come without transforming yourself and society holistically.


Japan is facing a crucial turning point right now, and I have to concentrate on writing my Japanese blog for a while. I am sorry, but I won’t be able to write this blog as frequently as before.


This is my Japanese blog.


The Third Pole Has Appeared in Japan’s Election

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I attended a meeting of a citizen’s group in Shiga on Saturday. We have decided to continue our joint struggle with remaining parties which are Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party. This time New Socialist Party joined, too.


We have decided to put up a joint candidate in each electoral district. We are part of the national group, and therefore, it is going to be the nationwide movement. We will put up a candidate in every electoral district, and he or she will be the only liberal candidate in each district. At least, now we have someone to vote for if we want to vote for neither an LDP candidate nor a candidate from the Party of Hope.


It became a simpler election, because liberals have only one candidate to vote for, while conservatives have several candidates to choose from.


And now, it looks like the liberal members of the Democratic Party will form a new party and will come back to our joint struggle. Finally, the wind started blowing for our side.


Yuriko Koike, the leader of the Party of Hope reminds me of Donald Trump

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The strangest thing is happening in Japanese politics at the moment. That is a conservative party is competing against another conservative party in our national election. Their policies are almost identical; they both support the security-related legislation and constitutional reform.


Koike says that she would like to crack the political establishment and bring reform to our politics. Isn’t that what Trump was saying?


She is very skillful in creating media attention: nearly every day, she does something to provide news for the media.


Her popularity lies in people’s expectation that she may be able to change something. But what change? Nobody knows, her policies don’t seem to state any clues in how she is going to bring the reform.


The joint struggle of opposition parties began operating with Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party yesterday, since Democratic Party which had been part of the joint struggle dissolved and about a half of its members are joining the Party of Hope.


Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party are the true opposition since they are against the security-related legislation and constitutional reform. It seems they are the only parties left to oppose those two issues.


And yet the media hardly covers them to the point that it seems to be deliberately ignoring them; it only talks about Koike’s performances. The news programs have turned celebrity talk shows. What happened to our country?


Are we not supposed to talk about policies and compare the parties who have opposing views?


LDP V.S. Party of Hope? No, no, There is a Dark Horse in the Japanese Election

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Our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dissolved the lower house of the parliament ahead of a snap election.


He thought he could take advantage of a weak opposition, but he now faces a new contender Party of Hope, led by popular Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike.


She is getting so much attention from the media right now. Every TV station is reporting her move. Many politicians are joining her party, and it has become a new threat to the ruling coalition LDP and Komeito.


As far as I am concerned, Koike is no different from Abe. They have very similar views on many of the issues. She is also a member of the Nippon Kaigi, a Japanese nationalist unincorporated association which aims to “revise the current Constitution.


She says that she would like to reform Japanese politics as a conservative.


She is also similar to Abe that they are both technique oriented and she is good at creating an illusion by her theatrical politics.


The media is completely fallen for her magic and creating a mirage to the public that we have only those two options; Koike or Abe.


What are the liberals going to do?


There is a joint struggle among some opposition parties such as Japanese Communist Party, Social Democratic Party, and Democratic Party, except that Democratic Party is kind of dissolving at the moment as many of its members are joining the Party of Hope.


Democratic Party was already divided by its conservative members and liberal members, and Koike will only take the conservative members, which means the liberal members have nowhere to go to.


I think the best solution is that the liberal members of Democratic Party continues to work with Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party in the joint struggle as before and forms a truly liberal opposition to this farce performed by the two conservative sectors and the media.


The joint struggle has been with the citizen’s groups such as SEALDs, Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy – s. It is very much supported by the grassroots movement. This time, It is going to be a struggle Liberal against Conservative, Citizens against the Establishment; both politicians and the media.


I hope something like this is going to happen again.

YOHEI MIYAKE Election Festival


Yohei Miyake talks about his vision at Yamananya(English Subtitle)


Zen and the Art of Writing Part 7: Yin and Yang of Writing

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I have been talking about writing in the last 6 posts, and I have covered the following points.

1, To write a blog, you want to produce massive, high-quality contents. It will help your SEO.

2, To stand out from the crowd, write unique contents.

3, In order to develop your original contents, you want to have a wide variety of life experience.

4, The best way is to get inspirations from your higher-self, and to do it, you want to be congruent with your higher-self.

5, Good contents are not enough to make your blog readable, you need writing skills to back them up, and to improve your writing, you need a lot of writing experience.

6, You don’t need to make your blog a piece of artwork, you can just make it simple and easy to understand.


Many of the things I have talked about are Yin aspects of writing, or right brain aspects. To make your writing more holistic, you need Yang approaches, as well.


When I started writing novels, I was writing without making the outlines. I sat in front of the computer and words just appeared, and a story gradually unfolded. Usually, I finished my story after two months or so. The works themselves weren’t bad; many people who read them gave me positive comments. However, when editors read them, they pointed out many problems.


So I decided to change my approach: I wrote a synopsis first, next I wrote the outline chapter by chapter. Then I started writing the main story following the outline. The editors said that my writing had improved a lot, and I felt it, too.


Did I lose my creativity?


No, on the contrary, it enhanced my creativity by bringing some organization. Although I had the outline, I was free to develop the scene within the outline and sometimes change a bit. The outline served as a stopper, and I didn’t go off the track even though I was immersed in the imaginary world. I felt as if my right brain and left brain were working together to bring a good harmony.


Blog writing is the same. You can outline your weekly writing or monthly writing. Then for each topic, you make a brief outline of your post. In this way, you don’t go off the topic.


Having said that, sometimes you don’t have time to make your outline. In that case, it is easier to just write whatever comes up in your mind. To write your blog frequently, you need to allow yourself to write anything you want to write about.


You can have the combination of the two. Some days, you write based on your outline, other days, you write spontaneously.


Finally, there is no right way of writing. Everybody has your original way of writing, and it is okay. Whatever you write, it shows who you are, and your potential customers are the people who have the same wavelength as you. You naturally draw people who like your writing and drive away people who don’t.


Zen and the Art of Writing Part 6: Three Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Write too Well

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In the midst of North Korea crisis, our Prime minister has decided to dissolve the parliament and called an election.




He thinks he has a chance to win now since opposition parties are not ready. Abe is a typical person who is technique oriented and doesn’t have substance. Even if he managed to win, it is done based on his trick, not because people supported him. And yet, he doesn’t seem to care; he is happy as long as he wins, and it doesn’t matter how he wins.


Unfortunately, it is common among many politicians, and the media picks up this element, too; how skillful they are as politicians instead of looking into their visions for the country. Our whole society worships techniques, and I think it is to do with the spread of how to books overemphasizing performances.


It is one of the reasons why I would like to rewrite motivational success philosophies.


Anyway, let me get back to the topic of writing. I said that you didn’t want to write too well. This is, of course, depends on what you are writing. If you are writing travel essays or memoirs, the readers can appreciate good writing because they are probably reading them with their cup of coffee in a relaxed manner.


However, if you are writing a regular blog providing some information, the readers are not necessarily expecting literature, they just want information, and often simple expressions are easier to understand. These days, people don’t have time to enjoy your writing, they read your blog along with many other blogs or Facebook posts.


The second reason why you don’t want to write too well is that not every reader can understand your writing when you use difficult words no matter how cool they are.


It is said that 80% of the people who use English nowadays are non-native speakers, and for non-native speakers, it is a struggle to read a blog post, if we need to look up 10 words each time.


The last reason is that you don’t want to spend too much time writing your blog each day. You have to write it every day or 5 days a week, and you simply lose your life if you are completing a craft each time. The other day I met a craftsman in Kyoto, and he said something interesting. The difference between a craftsman and an artist is that the former has to make tons of products every day, but the latter can complete one piece of artwork per year.


For a blogger, the amount counts more than the quality, and a post containing appropriate keywords is considered better than a post containing some stunning expressions.